We all have skeletons-

We all have skeletons- Usually they rest in the back corner of the closet, but sometimes they wake and start to claw at the crack under the door. Have you ever had to make a hard decision? Yeah, we all have. But, was it life or death? Mine was. So violently ill that you’re vomiting blood- So weak,… Continue reading We all have skeletons-

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Through the Storm

I feel it coming. The leaves dance, the sky- swollen, A whispered sigh, Calm, unwary. The wind begins to whimper. The leaves chatter, hushing the sparrows, A reverberated hum, Calm, unstoppable. The wind sirens, the dark nimbus splay. Their bellies heave and crack- bleeding mosaics, A sonorous bellow, Calm, unforgiving. I feel it leaving. The leaves glitter in fresh sunlight,… Continue reading Through the Storm

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Have you ever had expectations- only to realize as time passes they can mature, evolve? What do you do? What can you do? It’s so easy without emotion. It’s easy to see the black from the white- There’s no grey here. Then you blink- Your eyes open, and suddenly the person standing in front of you is… Continue reading Saudade

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Your Journey or Mine: Practicing Satya On & Off the Mat

Satya (Sanskrit: सत्य) means truth, reality. It also refers to a virtue in Indian religions, referring to being truthful in one’s thought, speech and action. In Yoga, satya is one of five yamas, restraint from falsehood and distortion of reality in one’s expressions and actions. When we speak from satya, we speak from a place… Continue reading Your Journey or Mine: Practicing Satya On & Off the Mat

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Anxiety and You: Mantras

I struggle to piece together the words that are tiny shocks of energy shooting across my brain. In one hand, it feels as though there is stillness, but when I look deeper within,  there’s an overwhelming sense that there are hundreds of words, screaming at me; fighting for me to hear them, to listen. It’s… Continue reading Anxiety and You: Mantras

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Ode to the Soul

It is the center of everything that is beating. It’s what tells me how to feel.  It tickles my heart when I am inflated with love. It flutters when I am nervous, and whispers to tread lightly. It aches when I become emotionally compromised, and when I’m angry it sets fire beneath my lungs and reminds me to breathe. Hidden… Continue reading Ode to the Soul