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Have you ever had expectations- only to realize as time passes they can mature, evolve?
What do you do?
What can you do?
It’s so easy without emotion.
It’s easy to see the black from the white-
There’s no grey here.
Then you blink-
Your eyes open, and suddenly the person standing in front of you is different.
You know them.
You see them.
You want them.
Is this wrong?
Are we wrong?
I supposed it depends who you ask.
There’s suddenly something inside of them you want to be a part of.
There’s hope in there, there’s fire in there, there’s solace.
You crave it-
You see them, truly, for all that they are.
They’re beautiful and they’re magnificent.
They’re raw and they’re imperfect.
They’re astounding.
They’re the best daydream you’ve ever had.
The silence has never been so loud.
Except, when I’m with you.

star hands



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