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Ode to the Soul

Star Gazer by Morgan Davidson

It is the center of everything that is beating. It’s what tells me how to feel.  It tickles my heart when I am inflated with love. It flutters when I am nervous, and whispers to tread lightly. It aches when I become emotionally compromised, and when I’m angry it sets fire beneath my lungs and reminds me to breathe. Hidden from sight and earshot, it roars beneath my chest; as the core of a volcano roars peacefully beneath Earth’s surface.
It is energy. A fizzing, swirling mass of energy. Taking shape and dancing circles as the universe does when you step back and view it as a whole. Weightless and bright, twinkling with an array of colors beyond what the eyes can see. Although weightless, it is powerful. I swear I can feel it churning. I swear I can hear it vibrating. I can hear what it needs, and if I listen long enough, I can hear what I need.
Inside of my body, my soul is protected. As armor protects the body, my body houses and protects my soul. My soul sinks away from my bones to the pit of my belly when it needs rest. The body is a vehicle, moving the soul from place to place, letting it experience what it longs for. The body is an expression. The way we soften when the soul is content, the way we stiffen when the soul is jarred, and the way we wilt when we are deprived of positive emotional energy.
The soul is limitless. It is always evolving, always growing, and constantly adapting. Organically computing happiness, hopes, and fears and learning to accept them even if our ego may not. Happiness is achieved when our desire to listen is greater than our desire to speak. We must live in tandem with our souls. We must understand them, respect them, and set aside time to quiet our minds and listen to our soul communicate. We must realize that we are not just that of human anatomy. We are beings, we are organic, and we are born from the universe. Everything we need to be happy and find peace is accepting contentment within us. Everything that we need to survive, the Earth has equipped us with. We are no greater than that. We are no greater than nature.



16 thoughts on “Ode to the Soul

  1. Such vivid imagery. An extremely evocative piece of writing. So important to think about nourishing the soul as well as the body in our frantic modern age. We are more than just flesh and blood. Thought-provoking. Thank you 🙂

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  2. Well, I think there would be a wide range of topics, and I have a very good understanding of anxiety and depression though first and third party experiences. I think that our writing styles would compliment each other if we wrote a joint pieces and pool our efforts, just to experiment! If you are interested, let me know and we can discuss this over further 🙂


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