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Anxiety and You: Mantras

I struggle to piece together the words that are tiny shocks of energy shooting across my brain. In one hand, it feels as though there is stillness, but when I look deeper within,  there’s an overwhelming sense that there are hundreds of words, screaming at me; fighting for me to hear them, to listen. It’s… Continue reading Anxiety and You: Mantras

Creative Writing · Life · soul searching · Yoga

Ode to the Soul

It is the center of everything that is beating. It’s what tells me how to feel.  It tickles my heart when I am inflated with love. It flutters when I am nervous, and whispers to tread lightly. It aches when I become emotionally compromised, and when I’m angry it sets fire beneath my lungs and reminds me to breathe. Hidden… Continue reading Ode to the Soul